Announcing the first 3 Workshops @ the ART+TECH FESTIVAL 2020

We are super excited about our first Festival workshops

4 min readNov 13, 2020

Where we will:

  • Connecting with the community, encouraging interactions and learning from each other;
  • Creating tangible outcomes in collaboration, such as building art together, or creating a movement with people from different backgrounds and cultures;
  • Celebrating artwork by sharing your creations;

When: December 11th — 20th, 2020

Where: Online & Physical (following local safety guidelines).

What: We are adding new projects, events, workshops, installations, performance and many other art+tech experiences to the festival schedule Stay Tuned for more announcement about the Fest on or other channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, LinkedIn or Medium


Saturday 19th, 11:00am to 1:00 pm

Explore ways to build your own custom photo filters using a drag and drop, block based coding environment.

We will walk through various ways to correct photo’s colors, apply custom gradients using different blend modes, and also distort the webcam feed, building our own photo-booth effects. We will also learn how to add a layer of interactivity to the filters by tracking mouse movements, and even audio responsiveness. While there is no programming background needed, there will be opportunity for advanced participants to peak under the hood and build their own image manipulation blocks.


Friday 18th, 11:00am to 1:00 pm

Bring worlds of your imagination to life by sketching them out on 360 spherical panoramas! Use a digital or analog workflows to explore drawing on a equirectangular grid. Participants will visit each other’s immersive images through standard web apps or VR devices (including cardboard).


Saturday 12th, 10:00am to 1:00 pm

Wonder why they say Music is Math? Let us show you how to join the worlds of open source code, math, and electronic music production. Continuing our music making adventures from the Beats for Beginners workshop, we will use a subset of the Javascript programming language to create live music in the browser. This is a beginner’s workshop and participants are not expected to have much music or programming experience other than an aptitude for experimentation and an appreciation of electronic music and its techniques. No software installation is required, all you need a computer with internet connectivity and a recent version of Chrome.

JOYNT = Connect + Create + Celebrate

Let’s JOYNT forces to nurture Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion within the art and tech community!

Artists are innovators and producers of creative and extraordinary ideas and visions. Experiencing art and artistic processes is an important opportunity for learning and exploration. Even more so, collaborative art is a transformational force to strengthen the community and enhance well-being. CODAME invites you to become an active participant at our Festival where you can connect, create, and celebrate with our Artists.

『 Volunteers 』

We’re looking for outstanding volunteers to support our ART+TECH Festival.

It’s a fun and extremely rewarding experience as you learn new skills and pass your knowledge on to others. You’ll meet like-minded people, make friends and build a network of people from all backgrounds who share a common passion for ART+TECH.

Joyn us to be part of the magic!

『 Partners & Sponsors 』

Join our list of amazing Sponsors. Be recognized as an innovative and visionary organization, partner with us.

Contact Us

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Thank you for your support for ART ♥️ TECH !!!

Code of Conduct for all attendees.

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